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Be Community Guidelines


Be. is a trusted space for intentional interaction, communication and sharing. Our members request that you refrain from posting exclusively AI generated text content, art, music and all other use of AI, unless otherwise reported as such in your post.

We are not opposed to AI as a tool for creative communication and inspiration, but we hope that the Be. can be a space where you can feel confident, comfortable and at home just being yourself.


We are excited for individuals to register and share their businesses.  The same community rules and agreements will apply to all businesses.  There must be an active member tied to the account and consistently engaging with the community.

All traditional and paid advertising areas will be posted and reserved for a specific areas of the platform.

We encourage our members to promote their businesses, services and affiliate links in the designated areas of business.  We will continue to introduce new opportunities for women to collaborate, create and showcase their offerings in the upcoming months.  Any suggestions or recommendations are welcomed.


Be. is intended to be a trusted space created for women to connect, collaborate and create a bigger impact in our world.

1.  We will not allow content spamming- of original content or otherwise.

Accounts posting content more that 6X in a day will be flagged.  If we determine the content does not appear to be genuine, additive, original content or in the spirit of the Be Way Commitment, that account will be asked to stop and/or may be removed.

2.  Additionally, accounts exclusively posting “meme” content with no additive thought, written content of community engagement will be asked to stop and/or be removed.


We believe that the sharing of ideas, even the ones we might not agree on, can be conducive to our personal growth and transformation.  Our ask is that we approach both sharing and listening with the principals you agreed to in the “Way Of Being” Commitment.  

We want to be VERY CLEAR that we will not condone the sharing of potentially harmful information or anything that might illicit violence, crime, hate, etc.

We do not intend to censor our members.  Instead, we request when expressing potentially controversial beliefs, it is done with an open mind and a curiosity, without the intention of trying to convince others to change their beliefs. 

The caveat here is that we will not allow the same kind of discourse if it is specifically encouraging violence, distrust etc. toward groups of individuals classified by their race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural views, religion, etc.

There is no room for comparison,  judgment or hate in this space.   We were all created with a unique set of gifts, and our life experiences have helped mold our views.  

By encouraging thoughtful discussions and presenting diverse perspectives in a respectful manner, we aim to create a safe environment where ideas, goals and stories can be shared and explored constructively.  This builds trust, which is an essential part of making real change.  When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask. 

This is a journey, and we are here to help!


Be. is intended for members over the age of 16+  Exceptions will be reviewed by the team on a case by case basis.

We do offer private groups for 18+ to discuss more adult issues in a respectful way.  This will not be a space for pornography or exploitation of any kind.

We will not allow any content that is explicitly violent or graphic to be posted unless approved by the Be. Team first and accompanied by educational content.  We reserve the right to remove any topics, posts and/or content we deem to be in violation and/or threatening to the community in any way.

We don’t encourage, but do allow swearing with the caveat that it may never be directed at another member or intended to dehumanize another human being, including a humorous way.


We do not believe that members must agree in order to coexist, but we do believe in the power of love, understanding, respect, curiosity and kindness when it comes to communicating with each other.

We expect members treat one another with dignity and respect, but we realize this is sometimes subjective.  Please keep in mind that we are all a work in progress, and we all communicate differently.

If you find yourself at odds with another member in a situation where you absolutely must find some level of agreement or common ground, please reach out to the Be. Team at Info@bethemovement.today

If you see a breakdown in communication or community happening between members, please flag the post, or if you are a skilled communicator, offer to act as a mediator between those members in a private message group.


We believe that technology, when used correctly, can be an amazing tool that fosters human connection and shifts the way way we interact, innovate and impact communities. 

Adversely, technology can also be used as a detrimental tool; one that distorts connection, perverts freedom, and manipulates, divides and isolates the users. 

In our quest to re-shape our future, we are committed to co-creating a safe and transparent new kind of platform that opens the door for women to come together to connect, collaborate and harness their collective creativity in a way that drives positive change and impacts their communities.

It’s important we make known to our members the foundation with which we are built on:


is at the core of Be.  We believe Truth is not just a principle, but the very essence of Be. It serves as a foundational  piece of our ethos.  It binds us together, gives us freedom, and guides our forward progress.  We believe in the gracious, kind and unconditional power of truth.  Its light brings visibility, enlightenment and fosters a culture of transparency and authenticity.  In embracing truth, we create an environment where individuals are empowered to express their authentic selves, and where integrity is celebrated as a cornerstone of our collective success.


is the way of Be.  We believe integrity is more than just a word; it is ingrained in the very fabric of who we are. It is the cornerstone upon which trust is built, and we strive to uphold this value in all aspects of what we create.  Our commitment to integrity means that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our actions align with our core principles. We believe that transparency and honesty are crucial in fostering open and authentic relationships with ourselves, each other and our communities.  At Be, integrity is not just an ideal; it is a way of being and the bedrock of our company’s existence.


embodies the whole of Be.  Harmony is a simple agreement or alignment of goals. It encompasses the idea of a collective culture, where individuals are able to look beyond themselves and come together to form a cohesive unit driven by shared values, beliefs, and a broader purpose. We believe that accepting diverse values and beliefs while connecting around bigger objectives, allows us to cultivate an environment where trust, support, and constructive communication thrive.  


is the DNA of Be.  It is not just a word or a concept, but a deep trust in the unseen driving internal force that fuels our actions and decisions. It extends beyond individual empowerment. We believe that by uniting women’s unique perspectives, skills and experiences, women can create a ripple effect of positive impact that extends far beyond their immediate communities, shaping a future that inspires lasting impact.  We believe Together, we unleash the extraordinary possibilities within all of us. 


is the heartbeat of Be.  We believe Love represents the essence of our whole purpose, and is essential to our existence. It is an “all-pervading” energy or power that wraps us in hope, binds us in unity and is the beacon that guides us toward authentic connection. We believe Love is a force of nature that exists everywhere and is always working toward making good things happen in this world and in human beings. 


is the catalyst for Be. It propels us  toward personal growth, societal harmony and the ability to navigate complex situations with wisdom and empathy. We believe understanding sparks a genuine curiosity that goes beyond hearing and creates an opportunity for compassion, kindness and authentic connection to flourish. With understanding at the core of our being, we build a world where judgment fades and empathy thrives.


is the culture of Be. It is grounded in the concept of wholeness. It is our external expression of our internal dedication to humanity.  We serve not because life is broken, but because it is sacred and deserving of our reverence. We believe we are all interconnected and that serving others means recognizing and honoring the wholeness within them and within life itself. We believe service provides the opportunity to surrender to the mystery and awe of life, and holds the power to heal.

***We believe in the transformative power of women that are committed to doing the work to change the way they value themselves, which ultimately changes the way we value others


We have a few simple things we ask.

  1. Be positive, give value, ask questions and be a stand up kinda gal! This platform is a trusted space where we focus on connecting, celebrating and supporting one another in all of our uniqueness and life’s endeavors.  There’s enough ugly in the world. Let’s keep it REAL, but positive!
  2. Like mentioned above: this is a ZERO PROMO ZONE.  This includes anything that isn’t related to the daily prompts, unless otherwise approved with the Be. Team.  No links, selling of any kind outside the designated Be. Marketplace business community.  You can still add value and gain visibility without promo.   We encourage networking and sharing what you do and how you can help people.  Ask us how to register your business and/or non-profit.  Not sure how? Just ask.
  3. Members who abuse this group, or don’t follow the above community guidelines may be removed, at the Be. Team’s discretion.
  4. KNOW THIS-BELIEVE THIS TRUTH: There is no one like you. There is no one that can be you!! You have VALUE, because you are you!
  5. And last but not least… get to know one another, and find ways to collaborate, connect and empower yourself, each other and the communities around you.

Be Network: A place where women empower each other together. “Empowering SHE To Be A Stronger We.”

Important: Members are the only individuals able to post in this group as a benefit to their membership.

Please contact Kimberly Price with any questions related to the Be. Movement at kimberly@beathriver.com.

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